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Good Tips On What To Do About Stains

Don’t panic! Just because you spilled red wine on your best lace tablecloth! Or spaghetti sauce on your silk blouse! But STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!! Please refrain from treating that stain yourself. We know you think you have to do SOMETHING, but believe us when we tell you, you could make the problem much worse. Let the professionals at Griffins Cleaners give you some expert wisdom on what to do with stains.

Griffin’s Cleaners wants to save you the agony of ruining your best cashmere sweater or your most expensive suit. Chances are that the care label will not be very helpful with this matter, so bring your stains to us first. The following information should be helpful and will help steer you in the right direction.

This information is something that professional Dry Cleaners know, but we don’t expect our customers to know.

  1. The use of club soda or water to treat stains might change the color of your garment or make the stain “set” in the fabric, and even a professional dry cleaner won’t be able to help.
  2. The complicated content of some of the newer fabrics have highly specialized needs.
  3. When you’re treating a stain at home, you can’t predict how the fabric will react. Sometimes the combination of the stain and fabric content impact the cleaning agent, so Griffin’stas Cleaners has to find the right combination.
  4. Our high-tech equipment and our specially trained staff have the know-how to make the right choice, and the result is that your clothes will look and feel fresher and you’ll get many more years of use and enjoyment from them.

Remember: when in doubt, don’t do anything to your stain. Call us or bring your garment in and we will be happy to give you our expert opinion. And remember: we offer free pickup and delivery of your dry cleaning! Call (863) 385–6557 for more information.

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